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Want to start your own ebusiness but don't know how to start? Got a website but don't know how to do marketing cost effectively? Sign up for Practical Certificate in Internet Marketing, included in the re-imbursible course list of CEF, conducted by eOneNet in HK since 2006.


Certificate in Practical Internet Marketing

eCommerce shopping are growing exponentially and have your started your online business as your additional multiple source of income? Online marketing has become an indispensable marketing channel, allowing companies for reach potential buyers from global markets at low costs. However, to stand-out in the competitive online market, small and medium-sized business owners and entrepreneurs should have updated e-marketing skills and utilize latest internet marketing strategies to grow your internet business income.

This course is suitable for:

  • Entrepreneurs or SME owners who are interested in establishing online sales channels
  • Those who are eager to enter e-commerce marketing but seeking ways to start

  • Professional marketing executives responsible for expanding overseas markets, and

  • New business owners who want to enjoy 24/7 business income, without expensive investments of traditional business


Course Features:
This course is based on the multi-million dollar online selling experience of the leading internet marketing company in Asia - eOneNet.com since 2000. Unlike other marketing courses, this course focuses in low-cost or free online marketing strategies and techniques, such as free top rankings on Google, Yahoo, and Baidu, and other tips for increasing website traffic. eOneNet.com also provides unique online tools and eCommerce marketing & technical support. More than 20,000 entrepreneurs in Asia have taken courses from eOneNet.com to improve their online marketing skills and started their online business. 


Course Target: 
This course aims to enable students to improve their online marketing skills, grasping in various online marketing strategies, and use effective online tools to start online marketing within 30 days of the class. 

You will earn…

  • Search for hot selling products, ideas & suppliers without investing in inventory  
  • Drive traffic and website visitors using effective online marketing tactics 
  • How to write high conversion webpage contents and copywriting skills
  • Get FREE top rankings in search engines, without paying pay-per-click ads
  • Solve online payment problems and ideas to
  • Start selling online and create your ecommerce store in the hands-on workshop



Course Structure: Hands-on Online Marketing Workshop @ HK + Online Business Coaching + Internet Marketing Coaching Members Area


1. Hands on Online Marketing Workshop (bring your laptop and learn the step by step to sell online)

The course content includes 8 modules in a total of 32 hours (face-to-face), and 2 exams, (to be completed within 2 hours each), 4 hours in total, with 2 months of online coaching with 8 weekly assignments to be completed within 2 months (total 36 hours).

1. Overview of Internet Marketing Product Research and Creation
- Ways to sell products, services, and digital information
- How to find hot-selling products
- How to make money with online affiliate program
- The secret of creating bestselling e-books

5. Search Engine Marketing Strategies
- Popular search engines
- How to get top rankings in search engines and directories

- SEO (search engine optimization) guide for non-technical entrepreneurs

2. Website contents: Copywriting and Conversion Strategies
- Tips for writing webpage contents
- Use sales psychology to increase sales
- How to use tools for A/B testing

6. Email marketing and affiliate marketing strategies
- Tools and techniques for creating email lists
- How to create high response email marketing
- Use viral marketing to increase sales

3. Raising Funds with Internet business plan
- Business plan components
- Create business plan template
- How to deal with investors

7. Public Relations Marketing Strategies
- Tips for getting free media coverage
- How to write effective press releases to get free media coverage

4. Set up eCommerce website with online store software

- Build a website with e1Net web builder
- How to upload images
- How to set up SEO friendly website


8. Multiple sources of income and website automation tools

- Additional sources of income for your website
- Tools to automate your online business  
- Online payment options

2. One-to-one online marketing coaching

Top internet marketing coach provides private online consultation & coaching for your website business

- Weekly action plan to launch and promote your online business

- Private customized 1-to-1 online coaching for your ecommerce business questions

3. Members area online learning system

Provide exclusive online support tools to enable students to learn at home, including:

- Q&A Online Support System

- Online Course materials and website tutorial links

Teaching Methods                                                                                                         

This course include face-to-face hands-on workshop and online learning, members online coaching area to submit weekly homeworks and get private 1-to-1 online coaching. CEF HK course is conducted in Chinese (Cantonese), with bi-lingual internet marketing course materials. 

Admission Requirement  

Students must meet the following requirements:
  1. 18 years old+, Form 5 graduate or above, OR                                              
  2. 21 years old+, with one year work experience, and
  3. Basic computer knowledge including typing, send & receive emails and online search

Course Assessment and Certificate                                                            Students who meet the following conditions will be issued a practical online marketing certificate:

  1. Homework and examination full pass
  2. Attendance rate is over 80%

This course has been included in the Continuing Education Fund (CEF) reimbursable course list.                                    

Student attendance rate of more than 80% and qualified participants will receive a subsidy of HK$20,000 from the Continuing Education Fund (CEF). 

Internet Success Coaching Course Dates:                                                     

22, 3, 9, 10 January 2021

Time : Saturday: 9am – 6pm     Sunday: 9am-8pm

Course Fee : HK$29,980 (participants will remit this course fee, after which up to HK$20,000 subsidy can be claimed from CEF, subject to course completion) 

How to Register?
A consultation is required before registration, please visit eOneNet.com office by the following address:

Address22/F, One Pacific Centre, 414 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong

Tel : (852) 2972 0944

Mobile / WhatsApp : (852) 6309 3618

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